How to Finding a Vacation Home In Apulia Italy

Italy has long been a popular vacation destination because this vibrant, yet historical country offers so much. The home of the Roman Empire has actually been attracting tourists for centuries, and Romans themselves would holiday in other parts of the country, staying in luxurious Roman vacation homes.

While you may not be staying in a true ‘Roman’ vacation home, Italy certainly has no shortage of other kinds of vacation rentals homes and condos spanning the whole length of the country; from the mountainous northern reaches to the warm coastal regions in the sunny south.

Vacationing in Apulia

The Apulia region is in the sunny south of Italy. It forms the heel of the ‘boot’ of Italy and has an extensive coastline that borders not only the Ionian Sea but the Adriatic Sea as well. Like many parts of Italy, Apulia has still retained a rural feel and offers beautiful swathes of countryside and of course a scenic coastline too, but it does also have larger towns and cities such as the region’s capital, Bari. This ancient city features plenty of historic architecture and a generous serving of culture!

Vacation Homes in Apulia

Whether you want to enjoy an urban or rural vacation, there is something that will appeal to everyone in Apulia with vacation homes and condos in many parts of the region to choose from. What Apulia is most famous for though is its traditional stone huts with conical roofs. These historic structures are known as trulli, or trullo in the singular, and although there are limitations in other parts of Italy, those of the Apulia region are the originals!
When you rent a vacation home in Itlay, it’s a chance to spend time somewhere different to home, and if you like unusual and quirky buildings a trullo would be perfect for you! Trulli was originally built to be used as storehouses or as basic accommodation for farm workers and their families. They were cheap to build because of the basic construction techniques they used: stone walls with a limestone, conical roof.
Trulli was first used as early as the 1700s but became really popular during the 1800s, when many were built, and although more modern building practices eventually took over, there are still numerous historical trulli dotting the countryside of Apulia today.
Renting a Trullo Vacation Home

It’s those historic homes that are today seeing a revival in popularity, as many are being bought and restored. The restoration includes a conversion into homes and vacation homes, and now it seems everyone wants to enjoy the experience of spending a vacation in one of these more unique types of Italian vacation homes!
You may find rows of up to five trulli that have been knocked through to provide one large vacation rental, or there may be smaller clusters of these homes within an old farm that have been converted.
One thing that is common throughout is that the thick walls of a trullo have great insulating values. This means that during the summer when Southern Italy warms up, the interior of the trullo stays nice and cool. In contrast, during the cooler winters, once the interior is heated up it stays warm and cozy, and heating them is actually very easy and affordable.
Converted trulli really offer something different to the more conventional vacation homes around Southern Italy, and they can range from very basic to lavish and luxurious. Some may be simply furnished with a basic kitchen and little in the way of luxuries, while others have been kitted -out with beautiful bathrooms and kitchens, and modern furniture. Either way, anyone who restores and converts a trullo must do so according to strict regulations because these historic buildings are protected by UNESCO.

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