Top 10 Tasty Triumphs of French Cuisine

French food is respected around the world for the quality of its ingredients, and for recipes that have been triumphed for their ingenuity. As well as seafood like modules frites from the North of France, and Southern Provencal dishes such as ratatouille and including soups, stews, and cakes, there are many different types of French cuisine that can be celebrated as triumphs. While selecting just a few of these dishes is hard, the following list represents some examples of cuisine that should be tasted to be fully appreciated.

 1 – Chouquettes

Available in most boulangeries around France, chouquettes represent small pastry balls that are shaped like plums; these are hollow inside, and include sugar, but are still light enough to eat in bulk. Chouquettes can be bought as a daily snack, and are often sold by the pound.

 2 – Soupe a l’Oignon

France is famous for its winter stews and soups, with soupe a l’Oignon being no exception; this soup is made with croutons and cheese, as well as with onions and beef stock. A part of French cuisine since the 18th century, this dish is also made with caramelised onions.

 3 – Flamiche

These cakes are eaten in France and Belgium, and are mostly made up of pie crust, cheese, and vegetables. The final version is one of the more filling dishes that you can find in France, but remains healthy in small enough doses.

 4 – Bouef Bourguignon

A staple of French restaurants around the country, bouef bourguignon is traditionally served as a stew with red wine, as well as with garlic, herbs, and mushrooms. More commonly a Winter meal that can be combined with rich fillings.

 5 – Confit de Canard

Another meat dish that reinforces the French’s reputation for tasty stews, confit de canard uses duck, and is served with salt, garlic, and thyme, as well as with roasted potatoes. This dish is particularly popular in the North of France, and like other French stews, doesn’t require much trying to fill you up.

 6 – Tuna Nicoise

A simple dish from the South of France, Tuna Nicoise involves a salad that has been tossed with everyday raw ingredients and more exotic ingredients. Served as an entree salad in most restaurants, Tuna Nicoise also comes with boiled potatoes, green beans, and lemon mustard vinaigrette.

 7 – Daube de Bouef Provencal

A popular stew dish that can be slow cooked, Daube de Bouef Provencal is common to the Provence region, and uses beef and vegetables. Some versions of this dish come with basmati rice, and with cinnamon sticks, as well as mixtures of cognac.

 8 – Ratatouille

Another traditional stew, ratatouille is a rich dish made up with onions and peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, and other vegetables – the stew is slow cooked and typically served with white wine for a healthy overall meal.

 9 – Chocolate Mousse

The French’s reputation for great desserts is partly based on their skill with chocolate making – chocolate mousse epitomises this trend when baked with heavy cream, egg yolks, sugar, an vanilla. Chilled chocolate custard can also be served with this dish.

 10 – Steamed Mussels

Seafood around France is distinguished by its fresh flavour and unusual combinations, as well as by simpler dishes. Steamed mussels, served with vermouth and white wine, or with fries for extra deliciousness, are particularly recommended

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